Since 2006, we have been working with families like yours to develop comprehensive plans that protect and preserve your property for you and your loved ones. 

The Process

Our firm has a 3 step process to help you move from "I'll get around to it" to "I'm Finished!" It begins with a phone call where, together we determine whether our firm can help. If we are a good fit you will have the opportunity to schedule an in-person meeting. If not we will refer you to someone who can help. Either way, you will be on your way to solving your problem. It begins with clicking the button and scheduling a call. Would you like to see how Khaled Law Firm can help you?

Our Mission

It is our job to help you protect your family and yourself. Estate planning is the most important gift you can give your family. It could be as simple as creating a Last Will and Testament, or you may desire the peace of mind knowing that you have taken care of your loved ones and protected your assets with a Living Trust or a Medicaid Asset Protection Trust. Whatever course you take, every family, whether its assets reach the ten thousand dollar mark or exceed one billion dollars, can benefit from having an estate plan of its own.

Why? If you don’t have an estate plan, the laws of South Carolina will control how your assets are distributed after you pass away. Of course, the government is not concerned about minimizing estate taxes, cutting probate fees, or making sure your wishes are honored. The laws of intestacy have no regard for your unique family conditions or your personal or charitable gifts.

how estate planning protects your loved ones

If my parents had not gotten a Medicaid Asset Protection Trust, my Mom would have been destitute after having to pay for my Dad’s nursing home care. The Trust allowed both of my Parents to have the peace of mind that Mom would have money to care for herself, also.”
— Mariam S., Client

Every family, no matter its assets, should have its estate plan prepared by an attorney who focuses on this area of law. As South Carolina estate planning, elder law, and Medicaid attorneys, we take a highly personal and comprehensive approach to estate planning that general practitioners may not take. We have dedicated our careers to helping families to plan their legacies. Not only do we have extensive experience working with families like yours, but we also devote the necessary time to gain a thorough understanding of your particular goals and concerns. We will also explain all of your options to you in clear, easy to understand language. Only when we fully understand your unique situation, and you understand the options you have available to you, do we design a customized plan. Once capable of addressing all of your needs and achieving your most important goals. 


estate planning for during-life surprises

With your properly designed and implemented plan, you will control who is able to make financial and healthcare decisions on your behalf if you become incapacitated or are in an end-of-life situation. Without a plan, someone might petition the court for control of your assets, medical care and other matters—someone you would never have wanted to make critical decisions for you.

The tools and strategies we can put to use to accomplish these goals include:

  • A variety of Trusts, such as Revocable Living Trusts, Irrevocable Trusts and Minors’ Trusts;

  • Health Care Powers of Attorney;

  • Durable Financial Powers of Attorney;

  • Health Care Directives/Living Wills;

  • HIPAA Authorizations, and;

  • Nominations of Guardianships (who will care for your children)


providing for pets:

Those of us who love our pets know how important it is to ensure that they are protected and will be cared for in the event of our death or incapacity. It is important to speak with your loved ones to establish a guardian for your pet when you are no longer able to care for him or her. One way to ensure that your pet will be financially protected is to establish a Pet Trust.

A Pet trust is a legally sanctioned arrangement that provides for the care of one or more of your pets in the event of your death or incapacity. South Carolina law allows for the creation of a Trust for all pets that are alive or in gestation during your lifetime. We can set up a pet trust for you that financially provides for your pet, names a guardian, and provides specific instructions as to your pet's care and standard of living if you are no longer able to care for it.

making sure your estate plan does what you want it to do

At Khaled Law Firm, we are dedicated to making sure your plan will work the way it was intended over time. This is why we take time after we develop your estate plan to assist you in properly designating all of your accounts and titling your assets. We believe that creating an estate plan without properly funding it is like buying a BMW without tires. We want to make sure that you get the right tires to get your estate plan on the road and get you in control of your legacy.

Our free check-ups keep your estate plan on the right path

In addition to working with you to properly fund your estate plan, we also offer a comprehensive CLIENT CARE PLAN to all of our clients. This program enables you to take advantage of significant savings over the costs associated with making changes to your plan in a piecemeal fashion. It also provides you and your family with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your plan will work the way it is intended when you and your family need it most.

Contact us today and schedule a consultation to discuss your specific needs and goals.