Don’t have anyone to help you or serve as Personal Representative of your Estate? Khaled Law can help!

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Khaled law offers the service of overseeing and administering your estate and/or Trust. Our administration services can help you plan for your future, protect your family, and help you pass on your wealth according to your wishes. From time to time, individuals, for many reasons, do not have anyone they can name as the Personal Representative of their Estate or Trustee of their Trust.

Attorney Julia Khaled has many years of experience serving as clients’ Power of Attorney, Personal Representative and Trustee. Having a professional serve as your Personal Representative and/or Trustee offers some of the following benefits:

  • Gives control of inheritance to your heirs at a date when you feel they can handle assets responsibly

  • Plans for a child who needs special attention

  • Supports a charitable cause on an ongoing basis

  • Distributes your assets without burdening your heirs

  • Provides assets for a spouse who is not interested in navigating today's complex financial markets

  • Offers tax benefits