Rock Hill Paralegal Achieves Advanced Certification

Louise Griffith, paralegal with Khaled Law Firm, has been awarded the prestigious Advanced Certified Paralegal designation by NALA, the Association of Legal Assistants-Paralegals.

Louise is now authorized to use the "ACP" designation. Louise has worked with Khaled Law firm for more than ten years and continues to excel in assisting Julia to create estate plans tailored to each individual's needs and ensure that every person walks away with a plan that suits his or her family.

The Advanced Paralegal Certification program by NALA is a rigorous curriculum-based design presented on the Internet. It emphasizes learning and self discipline in the process of demonstrating mastery of specialized subject matter to earn the certification. The ACP program is the culmination of three years of study and development by attorneys, educators, and paralegals working with subject matter experts as well as with specialists in self-paced learning and testing protocols. 

NALA is the leading professional association for paralegals in the US, with more than 6,000 individual members, and representing more than 12,000 others through local and regional affiliated paralegal associations.


Khaled Law Gets a New Office!

Khaled Law Firm Announces Its Move to 1430 Ebenezer Road

Rock Hill, South Carolina, March 29, 2016 – Khaled Law Firm announces its move to 1430 Ebenezer Road, Suite 104, Rock Hill, South Carolina.

“We have greatly enjoyed all of our years in the 1373 office, and we are looking forward to this exciting new phase in the scope of our organization.  This move to an updated, modern office space will enable us to better serve the planning needs of our clients and focus on working with clients on the appropriate estate planning measures to prevent future probate litigation,” says Julia Khaled, owner of Khaled Law Firm.

Khaled Law Firm takes a holistic approach to organizing and simplifying their client’s goals and objectives.  At Khaled Law Firm, team members are dedicated to working in their client’s best interests and they are committed to maintaining open communication with their clients at all times.  They strive to deliver quality service to develop trust and to use their knowledge and experience to provide proactive, high-level service that suits their clients needs.


Founded in 2006, Khaled Law Firm is a comprehensive estate planning firm based in Rock Hill, South Carolina, and serving the needs of upstate South Carolina residents.  The firm takes a holistic approach to organizing and simplifying client’s estate planning goals and objectives.  Employing a highly customized process, the firm aims to thoroughly understand the complexities of each client’s unique situation and how all of the pieces fit together.  The firm is founded on three core principles: 1) Maintaining honest, transparent, and open communication; 2) providing proactive, high-level client service; and 3) Consistently delivering advice that is proactive and geared to meet each individual clients’ specific needs.

8 Reasons to Revise Your Estate Plan Today

Many of our long-term clients have worked with us to prepare a Will or Trust that suits their family's needs. However, even if you have completed your Estate Plan, you may need to revisit your plan over time. This Forbes article outlines some of the reasons you may wish to update your Estate Plan:

Tips to Avoid an Income Tax and Estate Planning Time Bomb Tips to Avoid an Income Tax and Estate Planning Time Bomb

This article discusses one tax consequence you may face if you attempt to do your own estate and long-term care planning. Unfortunately, far too many customers come to our office facing this very circumstance. The best way to get out of this problem is to enlist the help of an estate planning and long term care expert, so that you never get into it.

Congress Gives an Early Christmas Present: Charitable IRA Rollover

By: Stephen C. Hartnett, J.D., LL.M., Associate Director of Education, American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys

Congress gave us an early Christmas present by passing permanent Charitable IRA rollover legislation, the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act of 2015. In the past, Congress would pass such legislation, but it would only be effective for that year. Typically, Congress would pass the legislation just before the holidays, and it would be effective only through the end of the year. So, taxpayers would need to scramble to take advantage of the “gift.” This time, Congress made it applicable for 2015 and all future years.

How does it work?

With the Charitable Rollover IRA, a taxpayer may make a contribution to a public charity directly from their IRA (or Roth IRA). (A 401k or other retirement plan is not eligible unless it is first rolled into an IRA.) The taxpayer must be at least age 70 ½ at the date of the contribution. The contribution may not exceed $100,000 and is made directly by the custodian to the charity.

Why is this better?

Without the legislation, the taxpayer first would need to recognize the income of the IRA and then would have to qualify for the charitable deduction. That could have several problems:

  • The taxpayer may not be itemizing, so may not be benefitting from charitable deductions
  • The taxpayer may have high income resulting in a haircut of itemized deductions
  • Recognizing the income from the IRA may push the taxpayer into higher income tax brackets or the 3.8% surcharge under the Affordable Care Act

With the legislation, it is quite simple. The taxpayer (who is over age 70 ½) simply directs the custodian to make the charitable contribution. The portion of the IRA so contributed (up to $100,000) never comes into income (nor is there a deduction, of course).

Happy Holidays!!

I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season. If you are travelling to see loved ones, I hope your travels are safe and easy.

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